Funded Grants/Projects

Funded Grants/Projects

Opportunities for Improvement in Nutrition-Related Research: Implications of Overall Quality and Risk of Bias Domain Ratings (2016-2017)

Role: Principal Investigator

$45,000 over 2 years (International Life Science International-North America)

Middle East Dietetics and Nutrition Assessment (MEDNA) (2013-2016)

Role:  Principal Investigator

$15,000 over 3 years (Alice Wimpfheimer Guggenheim Fund for International Exchange in Nutrition, Dietetics and Management administered by Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics)

Patients, Family Practice and Dietitians:  A Team Approach to Heart Failure (2013-2016)

Role: Principle Investigator, transferred to Dr Paula Zeigler 2014

$300,000 over 3 years (Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research)

Diabetes in India Nutrition Guideline Study (DINGS) (2012-2014)

Role:  Principal Investigator

Collaborative project with Indian Institute of Nutritional Sciences to compare  usual dietetics care with dietetics care using Academy EBNPG for Type 2  Diabetes

$179,000 over 2 years (Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation and Abbott India)

Energy Balance 4 Kids (2010-2013)

Role:  Principal Investigator

Collaborative project with UC Berkeley to evaluate EB4K program in randomized trial in elementary schools in Oakland, Ca

$1,500,000 over 3 years (Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation)

General Mills Champions Grant to American Dietetic Association Foundation (2002-2012)

Role:  Initiating Organizational Contact

Collaborative project to select and fund 50 $10,000 grants each year focused on promoting healthy eating and physical activity for youth.

$2,500,000 over 5 years (Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics)

BMI2 (2008-2013)

Role:  Collaborating Investigator/Subcontractor Director

Collaborative research project with University of Michigan and American Academy of Pediatrics to investigate prevention intervention to change rate of weight  gain in pediatric populations through use of motivational interviewing by MD and with intensive arm with MD plus RD.

$2,500,000 over 5 years (Academy of Pediatrics subcontract $296,300 over 5 years)

BCBS NC Evaluation of Reimbursement of Dietitian Counseling for Beneficiaries with Obesity (2006 – 2010)

Role:  Co-Principal Investigator

Cooperative research project with Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina and ADA

$570,000 (Commission on Dietetic Registration)

CARLE Enhanced Nutrition Component to MEDICARE Demonstration Project (2004-2008)

Role: Research Project Director

Cooperative research project with CARLE Foundation to add stronger nutrition component to the disease management demonstration project.

$320,000 (Commission on Dietetic Registration)

International Diabetes Outcomes Study (IDOS)  (2003 to 2009t)

Role:  Co-PI (Naomi Trostler, Israel)

Collaborative field test of evidence-based MNT Guides for Practice in three countries (Israel, Turkey, and an Arabic country).

$48,000 (Alice Wimpfheimer Guggenheim Fund for International Exchange in Nutrition, Dietetics and Management administered by the American Dietetic Association Foundation)

Dietetics Practice Based Research Network (DPBRN) (2005 to 2012)

Infrastructure funded by American Dietetic Association Foundation

Role:  Research Project Manager

$45,000 per year (Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics)

Critical Thinking in Measuring Energy Expenditure (CTIMEE) (2005-2006)

Role:  Research Project Director

Research project through the Dietetics Practice Based Research Network to evaluate critical thinking of dietitians in practice

$80,000  (Healthetech Corporation through a grant from the American Dietetic Association Foundation)

Partners in Program Planning for Adolescent Health (PIPPAH) (2002 to 2006)

Role:  Project Director

Cooperative agreement with Maternal Child Health Bureau to develop ADA specific program that includes web-cases for dietitians focused on adolescent nutrition cases and community assessment and leadership training for dietitians.

$400,000 (Maternal Child Health Bureau)

Evidence analysis for Indirect Calorimetry (2002 to 2005)

Role:  Project Manager

Collaborative project to evaluate evidence comparing formulas used to estimate RMR and measured RMR by indirect calorimetry and field test use of indirect calorimetry guidelines.

$350,000 (Healthetech )

Start Healthy (2002-2004)

Role:  Consultant

Collaborative project with Gerber to conduct limited evidence analysis and develop consumer guidelines for infant/toddler feeding guidelines.  Publication of JADA supplement and methodology paper.

$150,000 (Gerber)

Family Nutrition and Physical Activity Screening Tool (2001 to present)

Role:  Co-PI (Karen Peterson, Pat Crawford, Greg Welk, Lorrene Ritchie)

Collaborative grant proposal (Harvard School of Public Health, UC Berkeley Center for Weight and Health, and Iowa State University) to conduct evidence analysis of family related nutrition and physical activity determinants of increased rates of childhood overweight.  Developed grant proposal for federal funding.

$65,000 (Ann Hertzler Fund and American Dietetic Association Foundation Healthy Weight for Kids)

Personal Energy Program (1999-2000)

Role:  Co-PI

Program implementation and evaluation of program developed by CDC in 5 Department of Defense sites.  Funded by facilities and Travis Clinical Investigation Facility.


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